In order to contribute to the cutting-edge area of Bioinformatics, the National Institute of Technology Calicut has established the Biocomputing Research Group in 2013. The research group consists of three faculty members from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and 10 PhD scholars presently working in various domains. Since its inception, the group is lively engaged in the field of Bioinformatics and Biological data mining using HPC techniques. During the last couple of years, the research group is working on diverse problems in Bioinformatics including:

  • Functional annotation of long non-coding RNAs, especially in connection with various cancer types
  • Epigenetics and pathway dysregulation
  • Drug repurposing through mining of biomedical literature
  • Cancer subtype prediction and discovery from omics data using machine learning methods
  • Early detection of cervical cancer by machine learning and parallel computing algorithms