GIAN Course on Data and Text Mining in Bioinformatics

September 10-14, 2018

With the explosion of knowledge in biomedical domain, there is a veritable  exigency for efficient methodologies to process, formulate, analyze and interpret voluminous data. Biomedical literature or publications are the most comprehensive resource  of the knowledge amassed in biomedical research. Contextually, biomedical text mining and automated knowledge retrieval systems draw immense research attention these days. The rapid  extraction of useful knowledge from literature through text mining can impart game-changing effects in disease diagnosis and drug discovery.

This course is organized in two modules that should be taken together.  Module A covers understanding computational aspects of biomedical text mining  and familiarization of tools and techniques for it. Module B includes an in-depth exploration of algorithms for biomedical text mining and interpretation of knowledge acquired through proper visualization.

Course participants will learn these topics through lectures and hands-on experiments. Also case studies and assignments will be shared to stimulate research motivation of participants.

Last Date for Registration:  Sep 3, 2018.

International Faculty

Prof. Mathew J Palakal
Professor of Informatics &Senior Executive Associate Dean
Indiana University-Purdue University
Indianapolis (IUPUI), USA

Hosted by
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
National Institute of Technology Calicut

Dr. Abdul Nazeer K A and Dr. Gopakumar G

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